A clutch of stars-and-stripes capped mushrooms grow with out of focus soldiers behind.

Maverick Mind: A Bold Leap in Wellness and Support for Heroes

Unveiling a New Era in Health and Well-being

My Crew Doses Inc. (MCD), a pioneer in the realm of health supplements, has recently announced the launch of 'Maverick Mind', a unique product line born from a strategic partnership with No Fallen Heroes (NFH). This collaboration is not just a business venture but a heartfelt initiative aimed at supporting the mental health of our veterans and first responders.

Maverick Mind: More Than Just Supplements

At the heart of this initiative lies the 'Maverick Mind' range. This innovative product line, featuring 'Morning Brief', 'Night Trap', and the 'Cat' Shot, is meticulously crafted to enhance daily focus, promote restorative sleep, and provide a boost of energy for cognitive sharpness. Each product is a testament to MCD's commitment to quality, combining the latest in scientific research with natural, earth-grown nutrients.

A Mission Rooted in Compassion

The collaboration between MCD and NFH goes beyond mere product development. It is a shared vision to offer healing and hope to those who have bravely served our communities. A significant portion of the proceeds from 'Maverick Mind' will directly support NFH's mission to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy, addressing challenges like PTSD, depression, and anxiety prevalent among veterans and first responders.

The Science and Philosophy Behind MCD

MCD stands out in the wellness industry, led by a team of PhDs and veterans in the consumer packaged goods sector. The company specializes in exclusive formulations that leverage functional mushrooms, nootropics, and ketones, focusing on enhancing well-being through natural and effective products.

A Step Towards Healing and Empowerment

'Maverick Mind' symbolizes a new horizon in the wellness industry, where innovation meets empathy. This initiative by My Crew Doses Inc., in partnership with No Fallen Heroes, is more than just a product launch; it's a movement towards better mental health support for our heroes. By choosing 'Maverick Mind', consumers are not only investing in their wellness but also contributing to a noble cause.

Engage and Explore

Learn more about the 'Maverick Mind' range and the vision driving this initiative. Visit My Crew Doses to explore these groundbreaking products and join us in this journey of wellness and support for our veterans and first responders.


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